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The Joint International Academies of Research and Education (JIARE) was established by various international grant awarding bodies in 1942 to promote advance research and innovation projects. The Funds are available for competition from candidates with Senior Academic or Senior Research Fellowship Rank, who had already made ground breaking contribution in their various fields and requires funding for further higher projects in order to advance their contribution to the benefit of society. Eligible candidates must show recognised evidence of having obtained Funding from one of the member organisations within the JIARE network and or having obtained funding from governmental or charitable source in the past. The candidate must also show evidence of high quality and lengthy publication list in reputable international journals.

JIARE is a network of around 90,000 individual direct memberships form all disciplines and up to 340,000 organisational memberships from up to 290 countries Worldwide, making it a total membership of about 677,200.

The JIARE activities are undertaken in various countries, where the Council and committee members and partners are based, which include USA, Australia, South Africa, Bulgaria, Holland, Brazil and other countries. The operations and activities of JIARE are governed by its By Laws and Policies since 1942. During their meeting in 1992, the JIARE Council and Committees agreed for its activities to be expanded to the UK, which includes promoting more community-based and primary care research, due to the reforms of healthcare deliveries around the World. In 1983, the Council and Committee approved for JIARE to be registered as a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales by 2009. This was approved by the UK Secretary of state in November 2007, with company registration number in England and Wales as 6427540. The company’s registered address is was at Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8PG, UK. Since the new millennium, JIARE membership and activities continues to increase, and there has been emphasis by the Council to continue to promote and support Community Healthcare and Education Services Worldwide in various communities internationally.

Since 2007, JIARE has continued the expansion of its activities into the UK, with the launch of its London Journal of Primary Care (LJPC) in September 2007. The rapid expansion of the research activities and output in general practice and primary care in the North West of London area has led to the publications of the North West London Journal of General Practice (TNWLJGP) since 2009. The Website for this Journal is

From 2015, there are plans in place to expand JIARE sponsorships in medicine, community-based projects, law, history, agriculture, public health and educational development in various communities especially in developing countries, and eastern European countries following the success of JIARE member organisations sponsored projects in these areas during the 1980s and 1990s.

From 2013, JIARE’s projects in the North of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland have increased to the extent that there is now an Office set up at St Anne’s-on-Sea, England to administer the work of these regions.

There are also expansions of the work of JIARE in Bulgaria, Romania and Central European Countries. Many successful community projects in third World Countries have been lodged in the form of the African Project, Asian Projects and the European Projects.

The trustees, Directors, Committees and Council of JIARE continue to work hard in marinating quality in research and education Worldwide.

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