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Health and Social Care Services



Community Health and Social Care Advice and Resource Services Centre was established internationally in 1965 through collaborating activities of various international organisations in promoting community-based services. JIARE joined the scheme from 1983.  For many years the Organisation has been providing quality and professional social care advice services to people living in the community with disabilities, and their carers, and to people in hospitals, residential and day care settings.


We focus on the needs and abilities of our Service Users and not only on their disabilities and encourage and advice Service Users on how to make their own decisions and lifestyle choices, thereby promoting high quality person-centred care. We provide advice on several contracts for Home Care and Live-in Care for individuals and organisations in the communities for direct contracts with care providers and professional carers to suit individual needs.


The Service User is at all times the employer of the Carers and resource centre provides advice and payroll services to the Services User with disabilities in the communities.  These services and advice are free to Service Users on our scheme.  As a Home Care and Independent Living Advice Service we will be subject to regular evaluations by our collaborating organisations and our Service users in the communities. They undertake regular announced and unannounced visits during which we are expected to demonstrate our competence in providing a safe, high quality advice and services to our clients.


We can also arrange for candidates who have both administrative and social care qualifications to provide both care and administrative services within the community settings. This would enable the candidate to continue to work for us, and also provide health and social care services to a Service User, who is also our volunteer in the community due to health problems and disabilities. Please contact us at or for more details.


In addition we provide specialist advice services to various organisations to suit their needs. We have a dedication to our Service Users and their staff, and we encourage our team to provide high quality in health and social care advice and payroll services in the community.



Health and Social Care Advice Services - Additional Services

Further Services...

Travel & Escorting Care

If you would like to access events in your local community but for one reason or another need assistance to do this then we advise and arrange for you to have access to a care worker. The care worker and support would enable you to enjoy more flexibility and freedom when planning appointments and making social arrangements.  This could be a regular activity or a 'one off' engagement.

We can help with advice you on how to obtain carers to assist you with:


  • Arranging appointments including the hospital, dentist, doctor or chiropodist
  • Arranging social engagements including visiting friends, theatre, cinema or an exercise club
  • Undertaking all types of shopping including food, clothes and visits to the local market
  • Providing companionship including reading, letter writing or a game of cards
  • Accompanying you to work or educational activities
  • Taking notes and scribing at lectures, meetings  and examinations
  • Assisting you in your voluntary professional works at home due to your health and disabilities requirements.


Sitting and Respite Services for Carers

If you are looking after someone on a daily basis it can be a very isolating experience. We can provide you with advice and support on how you can get an experienced care worker to enable you to relax for a few hours or just have some 'time out'? You can use this free time to either go out visiting friends, go to personal appointments or shopping and having a piece of mind that the person you are coming for is  safe. We can advise on how this type of service periods can be arranged for 24hr care and weekend care under the respite care service. If you as a carer are planning a holiday, some time away from home or you may be unwell yourself, we provide on how care can be arranged with your relative or friend so that they can remain safely within their own environment.




Arranged Social & Welfare Calls


We can provide advice on how someone can be arranged to call upon you, or a relative, during the day just to ensure everything is well. It may well be that the reassurance of someone popping in just to check everything is safe and that you are comfortable  is  all that  is needed.
We can also provide a list of support and activity groups in various communities and areas with different interests.


General Cleaning and Hygiene Maintenance


Another valuable service that we provide is what we refer to as our General Cleaning and Hygiene Maintenance Service. Many individuals whether it is due to increasing problems with mobility, chronic disease; mental health problems or other personal can find themselves unable to maintain a healthy hygienic and safe living environment.

If the situation is not addressed it can lead to unsafe and unhealthy environment, complaints from members of the community. We can also provide advice on how carers can be arranged for you to deal with these important issues within budgets.


We can provide advice on how arrangements can be made for basic services to provided, which include;


  • Comprehensive cleaning so that a healthy and hygienic environment can be restored. This can include cleaning of carpets, windows, gardens and surroundings.
  • Removal and safe disposal of rubbish and unwanted items
  • Replacement of basic items, such as cooking equipment, cutlery, bed linen, curtains, cushions and other furniture.


Contract services Specialist Services

Community Health and Social Care Advice Services provides advice on how to arrange specialist care support for individuals within their local community.  The services can either be autonomous or compliment the role of social services, relatives, friends and other support.

We provide personal, practical, emotional and social advice and support whilst maintaining confidentiality, trust, privacy and dignity.  We will facility and promote self-determination control for the services users and be respectful of the Service Users own choices and cultural and personal beliefs at all times.

We encourage person centred care in order to ensure that each individual has a service designed to meet his or her specific needs in order to provide independent living.  All care we provide is regularly regulated, monitored and reviewed in order to ensure that relevant outcomes are achieved.  We promote the importance of continuity of service with the same carers over a long period, in order to form greater understanding and provision of the service users’ needs.

We provide advice and support for services not traditionally provided by the private or voluntary sectors with increase demands and expectations as a result of government reforms and legislation on care. We therefore aim to continue to promote innovative and efficient care to meeting the present and future challenges.

We can provide advice and support on arranging specific and highly trained dedicated Care Support Workers to support complex and highly dependent Service Users.  We also provide advice and support on specialist and intensive care support for service users in the following areas:

  • Individuals with severe and complex disabilities
  • People who need help with challenging behaviours
  • Individuals who have head and brain injury and related conditions
  • People who require spinal and balancing care         
  • Comprehensive care support for palliative care
  • Mental Health support and crisis support
  • Bereavement and loss support
  • Dementia support and coping strategies including reminiscence sessions
  • Manicure and Pedicure including, toe nail cutting services
  • Bathing Service
  • Hairdressing and beauty therapy
  • Support in seeking alternative therapies
  • Dedicated activity Support Worker
  • Information on Medical and Health Matters

Hospital and Clinic Discharge to Home Support Service

We provide advice and support network for individuals who may be vulnerable following discharge from hospital or health clinic.

We provide advice and support on independent experienced care workers who can meet individuals, either at the hospital to assist them in the transition from hospital to home or when they arrive home.  We provide advice on specialist support for individuals with decreased mobility following initial discharge from hospital.

We can provide advice and supports for twenty-four hour care for up to two weeks. If individuals require extra care after this period we can provide advice and support with other services like night care or live-in care.

Advice on Night Care Service

We provide advice and help for Support Workers who are able to stay within the home during the night.  Depending on the person's preferences and needs, we able to provide advice and help on Waking nights (worker remains awake through the night) or a sleeping night (worker sleeps throughout the night, but is available for support should it be needed).

Peripatetic Care

We are able to provide advice and support for teams of experienced staff for peripatetic support and also for individuals in a waking or sleeping night capacity to assist with a variety of care needs. 

Pop In Care Service

We can advise on and support on the Pop-In-Service which is designed to help Service Users who do not need the traditional block of 30 minutes to one hour of home care.  In some cases a reassuring quick visit from a care worker to ensure all is well can be sufficient. The care worker will ensure the Service User has managed to wash, dress, undress or any other task in preparation for their day or night ahead. The Pop-In- Service can also be arranged to call into any Service User whose only requirement is to assist with their medication.  We may also be able to give advice and be called upon with little or short notice to assist in arranging with unpredictable task such as toileting.  

The Care Workers are required to report any decline in the Service Users health or ability to undertake basic tasks.  In this event, any extra care required can be arranged quickly.

Equally the service may be used until full independence or recovery is made or until an acceptable level of confidence and independence is achieved.

General Cleaning and Hygiene Maintenance


Another valuable service that we provide is what we refer to as our General Cleaning and Hygiene Maintenance Service. Many individuals whether it is due to increasing problems with mobility, chronic disease; mental health problems or other personal can find themselves unable to maintain a healthy hygienic and safe living environment.

If the situation is not addressed it can lead to unsafe and unhealthy environment, complaints from members of the community. We can also provide advice on how carers can be arranged for you to deal with these important issues within budgets.

We can provide advice on how arrangements can be made for basic services to provided, which include;

  • Comprehensive cleaning so that a healthy and hygienic environment can be restored. This can include cleaning of carpets, windows, gardens and surroundings.
  • Removal and safe disposal of rubbish and unwanted items
  • Replacement of basic items, such as cooking equipment, cutlery, bed linen, curtains, cushions and other furniture.







  • We offer a complete employment support service for Service Users, and Members which includes:


       Recruitment Services


  • We help with recruiting Personal Assistants(PAs)/Carers including preparing a job advertisement, advice on where to advertise, use of Resource Centre's address and telephone number and a place to interview prospective PAs. We can support you at the interview if you wish.
  • We can arrange for selected candidates to be interviewed at our Resource Centre by the Service User or his/her representative or main carer.
  • Preparation of employment contract/terms of employment, together with a grievance and disciplinary procedure which are all statutory requirements. Should the need arise we can advise or support you through the disciplinary or grievance process.


Payroll Services


  • A payroll service including registration with Revenue and Customs, calculation of pay and preparation of four weekly payslips, completion and filing of annual returns to Customs and Revenue. Quarterly reports for inclusion with returns to the Local Authority Finance Department.
  • We do payslips for the carers free of charge


Insurance Services


  • We provide advice on all aspects of insurance requirements for people on direct payments and socila care Service Users in the community.  Please contact us for more information at




Direct Payments AND SOCIAL CARE SERVICE Users Group


We have a Direct Payments and Social Care Service  Users Group, please ask for more information if you are interested at


Direct Payments Users Questionnaire


  • We recently asked Direct Payments and Social Care Service Users to complete a questionnaire about the quality of service they receive from their support organisation.  The results can be obtained from
  •  If you would like further information about any of the above or anything else which affects your Direct Payments, please contact us at JIARE Social Care Resource Centre or via



Home Care Services

It is a fact of life that in a person's life there would be a period when it may be necessary to have assistance with certain day-to-day tasks and activities. The person in need may be an Older Person or, an Adult with Disabilities or illnesses; the homecare service is designed for this group of people.

The home care service could be ongoing according to the service user's needs or they may just require assistance as a temporary measure to cover an episode of ill health, or recovering from an operation; any of these things can have an effect on your ability to manage certain tasks.

If this is the case it could well be that Professional Health and Social Care Service have the answer. We have been successfully advising and supporting people in arranging quality and efficient care within peoples own homes for many years and have received excellent evaluations on our work.

 The focus of care we advise on and promote is person centred and efficient outcome-based at all times. The efficient based Care is based on the government’s initiative to modernise the services, which are provided to individuals within their homes.

Usually Home Care services were provided by telling individuals how and when they could have the services, leaving very little room for choice. However we promote and advice on plan that meets your expectations and assists you to reach the outcomes that will make a difference for their wellbeing and independence. Because of our well-established background in health and social care, we are able to provide people with a comprehensive advice and support in arranging care service within their own home, which is flexible and responsive to their unique needs and situations.


Summary of Advice and Support for Services that can be arranged:

We can offer advice on arranging help with;


  • Bathing or showering.
  • Assistance with washing and dressing.
  • Meal preparation.
  • Prompting of medication.
  • Assisting to the toilet during the day.
  • Preparation for bed.


Practical Services

We can offer advice on arranging help with:


  • Shopping visits? We can either take your list and perform this task for you or, accompany you to the shops.
  • Bill Paying? This can be incorporated into your shopping visit or be conducted as a service on its own.
  • General Household Duties? This will include vacuuming and light housework.
  • Personal Laundry? This can either be done at your own house or we can visit the launderette.


Furthermore, we can also provide advice and support in arranging:


Health, Social and Welfare Services


We offer advice on the following:

  • Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists, Chiropodists Appointments and treatments.
  • Social visits? Visiting friends, attending  functions etc 
  • Accompanying top work and educational activities

We can offer advice and support in arranging for an experienced care worker to accompany service users

If your needs are more specialised or complex we have a range of different services which we call our Additional Services. So whether you are looking for a care service for yourself, a family member or a friend, contact us for advice and support in arranging the care and help needed.

Procedures to follow

First contact us and we will arrange for one of our advisors, at a time convenient to you, to conduct a free assessment of your care needs. It is usually nest to have a person your choice with you during your needs assessment interview.




Help with Recruitment


Professional Health and Social Care Services had been advising and helping Disabled people and especially those on independent living and Direct Payment Schemes to recruit and employ their carers direct in order to meet their own personal needs thereby promoting independent living in the community

Professional Health and Social Care Services had also been supporting and advising Care Workers since 1972 through collaborations to provide practical and personal care to Service Users who wish to live in the Community and who also need supports in their work and educational activities.

If you would like a career in Social Care Work or you are an experienced Care Worker then you have come to the right place for support and advice.  Professional Health and Social Care Services require patient, caring, reliable, honest, motivated, enthusiastic and hardworking people to continue to provide join our agency.  We provide a full orientation, education, advice and training programmes to ensure you are fully competent to carry out care work in the community for the service users who employed you.  We also offer an opportunity for you to gain an NVQ Level 2 in Care and other higher qualifications.

We arrange and give advice on flexible hours including evenings and weekends to suit individual needs.

The service users in our advisory lists offer excellent rates of pay, paid holidays and we also offer professional support and advice 24 hours per day, 365 days per week via our Office Staff from 7:30am to 6.30pm and our out-of-hours Support Staff from 6.30pm to  7:30am Worldwide.

Help with the Application Process

If you are interested in carer in community social care please complete our carers advice form (Download Form) and we will contact you within 36 hours to for advice on recruitment.  Alternatively, call our career advice Officer on 01375 387 209.  Our Service Users do employ their own Personal Assistants / Carers and we offer support for both the Service Users and their Carers.  We provide advice and help/support to service users on how to advertise, recruit and interview facilities for Service Users to recruit carers.  You will need to bring original personal identifications on the date of your interview.  Should your interview with the Service User be successful an enhanced CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) check will be arranged and you will be booked on our induction and mandatory training courses for you following your successful recruitment.

Please do contact us if you require further information
Community Health and Social Care Services promotes an Equal Opportunities Employment for both the Service Users and their Carers.


  Advice on Live-in and 24hr Care

We provide advice ad support on Live-in and 24 hour care which may be a practical option for some people for a variety of reasons. For example, some people could be suffering from an illness or have a disability which means it is not realistic for them to remain living independently and unaccompanied within their own home. Some people may have complex care needs and for others it may be a case of seeking companionship and we can provide help and advice on how to achieve this goal..

Live in care enables people to remain living comfortably, safely with an increased level of independence within their own home with all their familiar surroundings without the disruption and upheaval of moving into residential care. In some cases it can be a more economical alternative to full time residential care.  Live in care or 24hr care can be long or short term, maybe for a period of respite or holiday cover for as long as required. We will provide you with advice and support on how to arrange for an experienced worker.

First, we will arrange, at a time convenient to you, to visit you at home and carry out a needs assessment. This will ensure we can provide you with the correct advice and help in arranging the level of care by the most suitable independent care worker. Your care worker will be able to assist you with;


  • Washing/bathing
  • Dressing/undressing
  • Assistance with prompting the taking of medication
  • Shopping
  • Laundry
  • Preparing and cooking meals
  • Domestic tasks
  • Social and Welfare needs, our Live in carers will be able to accompany you to any hospital or social appointments as and when necessary.


This list is not exhaustive and can be discussed at your needs assessment session.

We closely monitor all the people who receive advice and care support from us and we will arrange monthly meetings with you and/or, your family to see that your care service is working to your best advantage. We will provide advice on the following:


  • We will carry out unannounced spot checks on all the independent workers to check that our high standards of care is being maintained for service users
  • Every eight weeks we will send you a Quality Assurance and service evaluation questionnaire. This ensures that the service we provide is meeting all the required needs
  • Regular monitoring of independent care workers to ensure training is continually updated
  • Advice on the arrangement of 24hr on-call service.

If you are considering Live in care or 24hr care there are certain requirements that are expected for the care worker:

This will include

  • A bedroom for the care worker
  • Agreed breaks during the day
  • Agreed days off or holidays during the year
  • Area for care worker to store and cook his/her food


Professional Health and Social Care Advice Services have a team of staff and a reputation to be proud of.


We employ high quality staff both paid staff and voluntary staff. We will not just recruit anyone. We particularly take great pride in the number of highly motivated and dedicated staff and volunteers who have been employed with the organisation for many years. We "care" about our staff and team of committed, enthusiasm and reliable professionals who have made impact in the service industry with their trademark of exceptional leadership, team-building, professionalism and high interpersonal skills.

 Our executive and management team have many years experience working in the Health and Social Care Sector.  Our team also consists of highly experienced Care Directors and Managers, Evaluation and Personnel and Assessment Executives, NVQ & Education and Training Managers and Advisers, Human Resources Team Leader and Personnel Assistants and our On-call and Out-of-hours  who are always ready within the office from 5.30pm to 11:30pm to provide help and advice to Service Users.

Our policy and procedure have always been to listen, accommodate, support, empathise, sympathise and positively encourage our staff to develop new skills and contribute to their own career path through continuous professional development and training towards a life-long learning.

In accordance with our policies, guidance and procedures our team of experienced Health and Social Care Advisers have continually received a comprehensive induction and full training including on how to offer teaching to Carers employed by Service Users or those wanting to get into the care profession.  Some of the trainings available are on:

  • Full first Aid Training
  • Moving & Handling Techniques
  • Risk Assessment Skills
  • Health & Safety Rules and Policy
  • Caring for People with Chronic Diseases in the Community
  • Issues on Conflict and Recovery in the Community
  • Public Health Issues
  • Mobility and Transport Techniques
  • Basic Food Hygiene
  • Medication Awareness Training
  • Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Awareness
  • Infection control and awareness of hygiene issues
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Health and Social Care

All of our staff members, volunteers and individual professional carers employed by Service Users have already achieved an NVQ Level II or higher qualifications ahead before 2006.

We and our Joint Collaborating Organisations have our own accredited Higher Professional Development and NVQ Educational Training Centre.

If you require information on our Education and Training Programmes, please ask us. Please note that Assistants and Carers are selected and employed directly by the Service Users. We offer support to the Service Users with strong medical evidence and in need of help in dealing with timesheets and wages calculations and issues for their employed carers if required. 

We can only prepare and pay wages for the Service Users' Carers only with signed and authorised timesheets by the Service User, who employed the Carers.  We pay wages to the Carers as per submitted and authorised timesheets from the Service User, and we expect the service user to reimburse us they amount paid as the Service Users receive the amount we had already paid to the Service Users Employed Carers from their sponsoring local authority. 

We also offer Advocacy Services through our Joint Professional Legal Services.


Residential Care Service

We provide advice and support on arranging carers for residential care facilities for Service Users.

If you have your own residential facility

We provide advice and support for arranging carers for residents in care homes or the care home clients. We can also advice on how to arrange services not provided in the Care Homes by their staff, which will complement the services offered by the Care Homes in order to promote the well-being of the people in the communities.

We also encourage continuous training and personal and professional developments for all care providers / workers to ensure that all legislative guidelines are complied with in order to achieve efficient care. We can also provide advice on how to arrange specialist staff for your facility including, Active Support Care Workers who are able to organise any activities you require for Social activities.

Details of Care Available

We do provide advice and support on how to arrange support workers who are experienced in providing special care and support on a One to One basis. We also help and advice on finding staff whose expertise includes providing assistance to Service Users who may have specific individual needs due to challenging behaviour, terminal illness, dementia etc. We can also provide advice and help in arranging staff can work with the following groups;


  • Older people
  • Adults With Learning and Physical Disabilities
  • Adults With Sensory Disabilities
  • Mental Health
  • Special Needs Adult


We can advice on arranging support workers who have experience of working in many different care settings including;


  • Day Care Centres
  • Residential Homes
  • Nursing Homes
  • The Community
  • Supported Housing
  • Educational Establishments
  • Workplace and Projects as needed

What else can we do?

We can also provide advice and support on how to get discounted rates and helping to continue to receive from the Support Worker and Carer that you already know. We can also provide advice and support on arranging Permanent Placement Services for Service Users.

Our frequent visits to your organisation and work place will ensure that both yourself and care workers receive regular supports, which will result in efficient outcomes.

We will also provide advice and support in making sure that support workers and carers employed by Service Users training is maintained, and is of high standard to compliment your own. We would also handle and resolve any complaints or when problems arise we will respond quickly and professionally, offering our support through every stage to the eventual satisfactory resolutions.


Training Services

Community Health and Social Care Services recognise the importance of a well-trained, informed team and motivated workforce for Service Users.  We offer help and advice on comprehensive continuous professional development package, which ensures that all care workers and workforce are actively supported and encouraged in their own personal development and this includes an expectation for staff to attend regular training and educational programmes towards life long learning.

In line with current Government Legislation, Local Authority and professional requirements all the Care Workers employed by Service Users that we educate  prior to commencement of their employment, follow a structured induction programme and attend all care and  mandatory training of the highest standard.  Periodic updates are required on all care subjects and Service Users are notified when these are due so that they can sned their own Carers to these training sessions.

The majority of all training will be provided through our Joint Collaborating Organisational programmes by the Association of Health Care Professionals (AHCP) which is fully accredited and regulated by various professional bodies. In addition to mandatory training and awareness sessions we will, from time to time, offer specific and specialised training to care members.  Service Users and their carers will be informed of all opportunities to attend additional training through our quarterly magazine and monthly membership bulletin which they are encouraged to attend.  An updated training calendar is always available at the office.

We recommend that all care staff are required to achieve their NVQ Level 2 or 3 in Care as appropriate. We advise our Service Users that Care Workers must register to undertake this qualification within 6 months of commencing employment with them, if they are not already working towards this or an equivalent qualification.

In addition, at both training sessions and annual evaluations of services,  and reviews, we discuss any training and educational requirements that have either been identified or required and arrangements will be agreed to enable carer members to attend/obtain these.  In addition, on occasions, it may be necessary for staffs of Service Users to attend specific training on a one to one basis or in a small group, due to our services of  supporting a Service User who has a specific need.

We advise carers and  members all aspects of health and social care matters.


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